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One of the great ideas in search engine optimization is the correct and efficient use of keywords. Not the sporadic use. Not the overabundant use. But the proper usage of keywords that will increase web traffic to your site and make you wonder why you hadn't done it long ago. Measure web traffic you now receive. Then apply these simple search engine optimization techniques related to keyword usage. The results will please you.
A Keyword Caveat
In this search engine optimization technique you will focus on keywords. But remember these disclaimers:

* Overuse is overkill - search engines frown on the proliferation of keywords on a site just to use keywords to get noticed by the engines. Be discreet. Use keywords in the natural flow of your site. Forcing the usage of them in your text will, in effect, "turn off" the search engine. Its logic is programmed to think that if you have to force keyword usage on your website then you probably don't really have that much to offer. With the abundance of sites available to match its search criteria it will skip yours if there is any hint of keyword insertion in a haphazard manner without natural relationship to the text it appears in. Be wise. Use your keywords discreetly yet effectively.

* Keywords should compel - common, ordinary words do not make the best keywords. Do searches using the keywords you now employ. Are there a gazillion sites out there using them? Come on, you can do better than your competition. You can outfox them with compelling keywords. Be original, but be true to your mission. Describe your site with keywords that are unique yet defining of what you are about.

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