Scammer at digitalpoint forum  

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Biggest Scammer at Digitalpoint Forum


Its recently Google updated his PR and back link and my this bidding Directory gets well rank and good PR
Now time of advertisement of my Bidding Directory which is made for only my UK Traffic.
I have created some Subdivisions also like Directory , Blog, Web Updates, Casino . This post is only for Web Directory part advertisement.

The one way link will be approved in the related category only.
The Reciprocal link is most welcome and will be approved within 12 hours maximum
The Regular link will be permanent and the cost is only $1
The featured link is also permanent and the cots is only $5

But if you are looking to advertise on my home page then it would be only monthly basis and the price is only $10 Per month . (Only 10 link would be sold max 5 in Sponsors and 5 in Friends area)

The Traffic details is as:-

Getting 60-80 Unique visitors daily approx
Getting 150-200 page views
Traffic is coming 80% from US and UK

If you want proof of traffic then just contact us. And I will be back with details .

Impact of Online Games  

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Online Gaming is a popular form of entertainment and some people have the perception that they are useful in relieving stress and they are sufficient to give you better refreshment.

Today’s online gaming makes you become a very important part of the game you are playing. They offer you to explore your Ideas make a new target and become the number one winner of game.Online Games are one of the most discussion points between kids. There are many type of online games are available on web like shooting and racing that keep the game interesting till the completion of them.

Free online war and racing games provides us many features life single or multiplayer facility. Some of game requires several members. You can download free games if you are alone then there is another important facility provided by game owners that you can invite several members online to play with you. Shooting war games and fantasy war games are all quintessential components of the online war games and the ones that are free.

There are some education and puzzle games available on web some of them are useful to learn the cooking, dressing, and they are also used in collages and schools. Cooking and Dress Up Games are most widely used by girls to learn cooking.

List of 100 Blogs..  

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Repair Internet Connections  

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he first step is to try to restart your computer. After it reboots double click your browser Icon and try again.

If you are Unable to connect to Internet try the Internet repair tool. If you right click on network icon (looks like two monitors) visible on your computer at the right hand side at the bottom of the screen where you see the clock. When you right click it go to 'repair' and select it. If you can not find the icon then you will have to go to the control panel and access network connections. Then right click on the connection you are trying to repair, the wireless network or the LAN and then select 'repair'. If you are using Windows Vista instead of XP then you will find the steps are the same only wording may be different instead of repair you will find diagnose and repair option. Once you select the correct option Windows will automatically try and repair itself. You will get the message once it is done and you should be able to use internet effectively.

If you are are still unable to connect to the Internet try to reboot your modem that your Service Provider gave you. The problem could be at your internet service provider's end. Make sure to call him and ask him to reset it at his end if you still can't connect. He can also check to see if your connection is good. Generally by taking these steps you can repair your internet connection.

“SEO” my Perception..  

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Internet surfers use search engines more than any other tool to find things online. Search engines rank their results using a complex formula that considers web page content, link popularity and other details. This is why you should Search Engine Optimization (SEO) your web site.Search engines of use of Net surfers more than any other tool to find things on line. The search engines arrange their results using a complex formula which considers the contents of Web page, the popularity of bond and other details. That’s the SEO of your Web site.

First before you start you need to identify your Keywords. It is critical that you know and understand the search terms surfers will use to find your web site with. If your not sure yet try thinking of search terms you would use to find your site.

Next you need to identify your competitors. Start searching with your site’s targeted keywords and research the top ranked competing sites. Create a list of the top 10 to 15 sites and review each one of these web sites. While reviewing each of the competing sites look at the SEO methods that they use.

Meta tags are thought by most to have little impact, If any at all, on your site’s ranking, but is still recommend to use. It’s better to be safe than sorry! The meta description tag is used to describe a web page’s content to the search engines. Most search engines (Google, Yahoo!, etc) get the web site’s description from the web page’s content and not from the meta description tag. Write a description of your site here and make it short.

Forum Making Money Tips  

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Let's identify why forums are a great place to market your network marketing opportunity.

1) Forums are highly targeted traffic.

2) You can learn great new tips and tricks on any topic.

3) Your links remain over time and increase in number with every one of your posts.

4) People that click through your ads will already be familiar with network marketing or internet marketing and making money.

5) Prospects from a home business or network marketing forum that join your business will already know