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Did you know- How google used to rank your blog !!! Well as for as i know you all might me aware of this feature of Google. Yes you are right- I am gonna share you about a little bit of my reserch on a tool of Google that’s being very popular now a days. That is “Google Blog Search” with this tool we can search the blogs listed in google. If you are getting a high traffic on your blogs, no doubt this will be very profitable for you. But what are the basic factors does Google take into account to elaborate the search results, as for as i know Google used to work on some techniques about the positive and negative factors affecting blog ranking, check it out:—

Positive Factors:

* Popularity of the blog (RSS subscriptions)
* Implied popularity (how many clicks search results get)
* Inclusion in blogrolls
* Inclusion in “high quality” blogrolls
* Tagging of posts (also from users)
* References to the blog by Resource.
* Page rank of Blog.

Negative Factors:

* Predictable frequency of posts (short bursts of posts might indicate spam)
* Content of the blog does not match content of the feed
* Content includes spam keywords
* Duplicated content
* Posts have all the same size
* Link distribution of the blog.
* Posts primarily link to one page or site.

So be careful about these terms, and then you will be surely rewarded by Google..In fact all these Terms are mostly common in all other major Search Engines.

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