It is no magic that you can get the information you want on the web. It will be free, if you want it to:

1. Search for your subjects. You will be landed on some websites.

2. Read the web page, if the information that you need is given enough or you want more information. Normally the free information websites only provide you with some general information.

3. If not, click on the underlined keyword on the page. Normally, you be sent to the sales page of the products matching the subject you searched in details. If you really like it then buy it. If you only want to get that information free then go to 4.

4. Go back to the previous website. Check all the ads appearing on the web page, select the one that shows exact or similar information that you searched for. If you find the information that you want, you have 2 choices. Buy it or look for the keywords of the web page, the words that appear many times in the web page or the headline.

5. Search the keywords on search engines until you are totally satisfied for information gathered or repeat step 1 again. Sooner or later you will find what you wanted.

In general, finding information free on search engines requires a lot of patience and is time consuming. Free websites most likely provide only limited information if you are searching for something important. The best choice is to buy it because bought information is usually written by specialists and is copyrighted.

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