Always keep your keywords as descriptive and as relevant to your subject matter as possible. In other words, the search engines follow whatever you write, they don't know what your article is about. The search engine crawlers will take a snapshot of exactly what you write. If you have used the correct descriptive keywords to make your point, your audience will have no trouble finding what you have written.

Believe me Google and Yahoo want you to find what you're looking for. When deciding on what keywords to use in any situation, I find the best strategy is to put myself in the shoes of my searching customer. I ask myself, what question would I ask, to find what I'm selling, and how would I phrase it. When you can answer that question, your customers should have no problems finding you.

For instance, if you are selling coffee online and you want your customers to find you, you could advertise "coffee for sale", but when your prospective customer types "coffee for sale" into the search engine, they will get millions of results returned, and finding you in the results is a joke. However, if you advertise "Mike's Aroma Blast Kona Coffee", your customers will find you every time.

It doesn't matter whether you are selling something online or searching for something to buy, using relevant keywords makes all the difference between success and failure.

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