Tips to Improve Your IQ  

Posted by Rajiv Pandey

What is IQ?

A General Intelligence Quotient Score (IQ Score) is a statistically derived number which indicates relative and comparative abilities that can be used to obtain academic skills and knowledge.

Some of these measurements can be reliable predictors of an individual's academic achievements.

Though an IQ test measures only a few of a humans mental abilities, these few abilities are targeted for measurement, because they are well known to positively correlate highly to many other human abilities. How high you score in one of these measured abilities, will strongly indicate how high you would be expected to score on the unmeasured abilities. So here are some tips to Improve Your IQ....

Brain exercises.
Math is a great exercise for your brain. When you see an object, think of something it can be used for, apart from what it is usually used for. If you regularly exercise your brain you develop your neurons and can stop or delay the process of mental deterioration that age causes.

Read faster.
Speed reading increases you ability to understand. But many people believe it doesn’t help. Speed reading helps you learn faster and more. A tip: when you scan always read the first and last stanzas because all the crux lies in these contents. Pick up any article and test this tip.

Work out
Exercising regularly enhances the power of your brain. Any regime that is good for your physical fitness boosts brain power too. Latest research has shown that an exercise as short as a 10 minute aerobics is sufficient to activate your brain. Hence, if you want to freshen your brain, just climb up and down your stairs a few times.

Many people claim that this herb has effect on the brain. No research has been done though. Just sniffing seems to stimulate your brain. It is a very safe technique, no side effects hence no harm in trying it out.

Smart learning
Always make it a habit when you learn something new. Always have some question to ask for each session of learning that you take. Take short breaks, because things at the starting and ending of a class last in your memory for a longer time.

Have conducive surroundings
Congested places and surroundings can affect your thought process. Have a conducive environment to do any mental task. Simple techniques like deep breathing, stretching can help you gear up before you begin the mental task. Always have time to divert your mind.

Creatine, is found in meat and is used by sportspersons to help become muscular. Research has shown results which say that creatine also is beneficial to the brain. Proceedings B, a Royal Society journal has published the results. These results say that a remarkable improvement in the working memory and intelligence level was observed when a person takes creatine. The recommended dosage is 5 grams in a day. This is what most sportspersons take and can be found in 4 pounds of meet.

Talking, if done judiciously, will help you clear your understanding about things. Try to explain a concept about which you yourself do not have a clear idea. You will notice that this clears up your understanding to a large extent.

Use brain wave tools
This is the latest tool. These brain wave entertainment tools help you a lot. They can relax you quickly and some of them can make your brain start analyzing things in a different manner. You can try BrainWave stimulator software.

Indulge in what you love to do
This reduces stress and rejuvenates your brain. But it should be not something like watching TV. It should be an activity in which your are fully involved like playing scrabble or other similar games. When you indulge in what you love to do, you tend to worry less and this clears up your thought process.

Be positive
Be confident about yourself and you will become smart. Affirmations will be of great help. Always remember things you succeeded in. Note down all the creative ideas that come up in your brain. Note all things you do in a smart ways and you will grow smarter.

Follow creative people’s methods.
Always be in the company of those who are smart and productive. Observe them and do what they do. This is the basic principle behind neuron linguistic programming. But be cautious, when anyone of them advise you. Usually successful people don’t fully understand the reason of their success. Remember to follow what they do, not what they say!

Avoid getting into debates
Arguments always arouse your ego. When you are defending your view, you bring ego and not logic. This adversely affects your brain. The more you argue, the more you destabilize your brain. Arguments and debates can be value adding, but only if ego is not involved. Once ego enters, all logic fails. This certainly doesn’t help your IQ.

Avoid allergic food items.
Some food items like wheat, corn, peanuts and diary products may cause some minor allergies. Be observant to notice such effects. Some people face digestion problems and even brain fog by eating such items.

Eat fish.
It has been proven that consuming fish speeds up your brain and helps you focus for longer durations. Research has depicted a strong relation between lowering of depression and fish consumption. For instance, Japan (where fish is the staple food) has far less instances of depression than US.

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