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Thinking about the future can help you shape it. Thinking too much about the future can make you spacey. By the year 2019, thanks to information technology (IT), humans will have largely overcome the limits of our humanity. We will have found cures for the major diseases that kill 95 percent of us in the developed world. By 2029, we will become godlike—tiny computer chips embedded into our bodies will stop disease and reverse aging, ever expanding our lifespans.
To be fair, computers are indeed amazing machines. PCs allow you to communicate with far more people than a phone or letter. They help you write far more efficiently than a typewriter or pen and paper. They make it possible to keep track of people and things far more easily than a roster or list. They let you budget, forecast, and plan far more effectively than a calculator or table. And they make education far more compelling than words and pictures on paper. between July and December of 2005, Accenture commissioned its researchers to deeply analyze the entire IT landscape and develop a vision for the future of information technology. The researchers analyzed more than 150 technologies and spent more than 10,000 man hours to generate 42 predictions about the future of information technologyThe purpose of the exercise was to re-evaluate our own approach to R&D and to help our clients prioritize their investments in and use of technology innovation to drive business performance. The team concluded that developments in four major technological areas—intelligent device and sensor networks, analytics, human to computer interaction, and new approaches to system building and integration—will dominate the future of information technology..........

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