Data Warehousing Interview Questions  

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A Data warehouse is a repository of integrated information, available for queries and analysis. Data and information are extracted from heterogeneous sources as they are generated. This makes it much easier and more efficient to run queries over data that originally came from different sources". Another definition for data warehouse is: " A data warehouse is a logical collection of information gathered from many different operational databases used to create business intelligence that supports business analysis activities and decision-making tasks, primarily, a record of an enterprise's past transactional and operational information, stored in a database designed to favour efficient data analysis and reporting (especially OLAP)". Generally, data warehousing is not meant for current "live" data, although 'virtual' or 'point-to-point' data warehouses can access operational data. A 'real' data warehouse is generally preferred to a virtual DW because stored data has been validated and is set up to provide reliable results to common types of queries used in a business....

Some Frequently Asked Interview Question's:-

1. What are non-additive facts?
2. what is snapshot?
3. Why do we override the execute method is struts? Plz give me the details?
4. What is active data warehousing?
5. how to convert java applets into image file?
6. what is the difference between Datawarehousing and BusinessIntelligence?
7. what is fact less fact table? where you have used it in your project?
8. what is the difference between ODS and OLTP?
9. what is the difference between datawarehouse and BI?
10. what is aggregate table and aggregate fact table ... any examples of both?
11. Let me know clearly what is the difference between hierarchies and levels?
12. what is the difference between E-R modelling and Dimendional modelling? and what are semi additive ?
13. What is a Key MAP table?
14. Explain the concepts of R-Image & I-Image?
15. How many ways the data can be purged from cache?
16. What is Critical key, Complex key?
17. What is the difference between choosing a multidimensional database and a relational database?
18. definition of datamarts?

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